List of publications and links to work are below slideshow.  


Highlights of my work experience here. Writer and photographer to story, “50 years later: Event honors legacy of  Malcolm X" March 2015. Photo gallery contributor to story, “I think we owe it to Dr. King.” Jan. 2015. Photo gallery contributor to story“’Look for rainbows when others think of clouds…’” Jan. 2015. Writer and photographer to story, “A new Reality backdrop for Holiday Market.” Nov. 2014.

Ethos Magazine: Photo Editor and (online) contributor to story about artists/gentrification in the Whiteaker district. Jan. 2015.

Ethos Magazine: Cover Shot and (online) contributor to two stories (hippy chef/vagabond musicians), Sept. 2014.

Ethos LIVE: Online contributor to Portland's Musicfest NW, August 2014.


Art Elemento: Personal Story with photography about being a storytelling photographer, Jan. 2012 issue.

Gwangju News: Travel Essay on Asian Elephants diminishing in Thailand with Ecotourism, May 2011 issue.

Social Discourse of the Disquiet BlogProfile Interview, March 2011.

The Korea Herald: Reporter, “Jinju ExpatRaise Money for YWCA Lunch Box Program”, January 18, 2011 issue.

Gwangju News: Cover shot of the May 18th, "1980 Gwangju uprise against government,' April 2010 issue.

Gwangju News: Cover and story on Venerable Beop Jeong funeral, and legacy left behind, March 2010 issue.

Art in America: Photo supporting exhibition on Kosovo  on page 23, July 1999 issue.