I am taking a selfie with an analog Polaroid camera. It won't be put on Instagram! Photo taken by my professor at UO, Torsten Kjellstrand.

While taking a walk in a Nepalese village,  some kids flocked around me. One of them gave me his pet goat. It made me happy. 


 I live, travel and have worked globally, to learn truths and see beauty in people, community and culture with my camera-eye.
Experient Explorer - I also blog about my journey and offer support on: solo travel (women), soulful photography, and to live your authentic self.

My visual and multimedia storytelling focuses on culture and community - including under-served groups that have been stigmatized. Here's what a client has said about me.

Interviewing , listening and observing people with my empathy and objectivity offers me an intimate voice with words and imagery.

Currently based in the quirky city Austin, I am ready with or without a passport to take on a project with fresh eyes and with an insatiable curiosity.

My travel website, DMerylPhoto, with images for sale here.

- Debra M. Josephson